Description Edit

Ponozeich is a chemical introduced into Trebaclast by the Dutch in 1968 during the modernization of the island. It acts as an expansion agent to the Dober Forest allowing control of the flow of it, letting the sapling grow extremely fast. A scientist was testing it with the reactors at ENDZONE and decided to use it, the others used it heavily in rockets, engines, batteries, and anything they could change. It eventually got the Dober Forest to be quite large. Whenever ENDZONE at Trebaclast exploded massive amounts of the chemical dissipated out causing the Dober Forest to expand at 20 miles a second until it reached America. After much fighting the forest had been burned down back up to the excluded inhabitable zone around Trebaclast. The chemical was still travelling around the world, and it interfered with the ozone layers, anywhere like the Dober Forest, with large amounts of it were now near destroyed, and the Ozone field collapsed, being replaced with a new, quite alarming, Ponosphere.

Appearance and existence in E.N.D.GAME Edit

In E.N.D.GAME the chemical is seen raining in a few scenes, but most importantly you see Trebaclast having short day and night cycles due to the Ponosphere and having little to no new materials being created due to the outlaw of the chemical.